About us

The Network of European Political Communication Scholars (NEPOCS) is a network for furthering research and teaching in comparative political communication. Based on a social scientific approach, the work of NEPOCS  is guided by four C’s:

* Collaboration. We strongly believe in the importance of research collaboration within as well as across countries

* Conceptualization. We strongly believe in the need for clear conceptualizations of key concepts.

* Comparability. We strongly believe in the need for comparability across countries and time, but also across studies.

* Cumulativity. Through collaboration, clear conceptualizations and increasing comparability, we hope to contribute to increasing research cumulativity within the field of comparative political communication.

The network consists of one member per country, to date 15 members from as many countries. Membership is based on three year renewable terms. The work within NEPOCS is directed by Frank Esser, Jesper Strömbäck and Claes de Vreese, the initiators of NEPOCS.