Jörg Matthes

Jörg Matthes (PhD, University of Zurich) is professor of communication science at the Department of Communication, University of Vienna, Austria, where he chairs the division of advertising research and media effects. Before joining the University of Vienna in October 2011, he simultaneously received offers for professorships from three other leading European universities.

His research focuses on advertising effects, the process of public opinion formation, news framing, and empirical methods. Since 2011, he chairs the Methods division of the German Communication Association (DGPuK), and he is Associate Editor of the journal Communication Methods & Measures. From 2005-2010, he was also chair of the Methods division of the Swiss Communication Association (SGKM). Professor Matthes has published more than 40 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including: Communication Research, Journal of Communication, European Journal of Social Psychology, Political Communication, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Mass Communication & Society, Journal of Advertising, Communication Methods & Measures, Psychology & Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, and Behavior Research Methods.

More information can be found on his website.