Jesper Strömbäck (Sweden)

Jesper Strömbäck is Professor in Journalism and Political Communication at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Gothenburg. He is also guest professor at the research center Demicom at Mid Sweden University, and Associate Editor of Political Communication.

His research mainly focuses on political news, the mediatization of politics, the impact of changing media environments on political knowledge and participation, comparative political communication research, and political public relations. Altogether, he has published more than 150 books, chapters and journal articles, among them the edited volumes “Political Public Relations. Principles and Applications” (edited with Spiro Kiousis, 2011), “Mediatization of Politics. Understanding the Transformation of Western Democracies” (edited with Frank Esser, 2014), and “Populist Political Communication in Europe” (edited with Toril Aalberg, Frank Esser, Carsten Reinemann and Claes de Vreese, 2017).

More information can be found on his website.