Frank Esser (Switzerland)

Frank Esser is Professor of International & Comparative Media Research and Head of the Department of Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich. In addition, he holds an adjunct professorship at the University of Oslo. He was assistant professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia and held visiting positions at the Universities of Oklahoma, Texas-Austin, and California-San Diego. He was Chair of the Political Communication section of ECREA and Chair of the Journalism Studies division of ICA.

His research focuses on cross-national studies of news journalism and political communication. Among his 180 publications are the following books: “Comparing Political Communication” (2004), “Handbook of Comparative Communication Research” (2012), “Democracy in the Age of Globalization and Mediatization” (2013), “Mediatization of Politics” (2014), “Comparing Political Journalism” (2017), and “Populist Political Communication in Europe” (2017). He serves on the editorial boards of Political Communication, Journalism, International Journal of Press/Politics, and the International Journal of Public Opinion Research.

More information can be found on his website.