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Vienna calling

This Friday-Sunday (March 8-10), NEPOCS is meeting in Vienna to discuss findings from a just finished analyses of political communication news styles across Europe.

ICA panel accepted

Our panel proposal “Key Concepts in News Research: A Comparative Examination of Political News in 16 Advanced Democracies” for this year’s annual meeting of the International Communication Association, ICA taking place in London has been accepted. At this panel, we will present first results from a large-scale comparative content-analysis of political news coverage across 16 advanced democracies. We hope to see you in London!

Nepocs published a new article on Political Information in Europe

Our article “Political Information Opportunities in Europe: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Thirteen Television Systems” was published in The International Journal of Press/Politics (July 2012 vol. 17 no. 3, 247-274). This study examines cross-nationally and cross-temporally the supply of political information in thirteen European broadcast systems. It also contributes to political communication research by establishing “political information environments” as a theoretically and empirically grounded concept that informs and supplements the comparison of “media systems”.

New members of NEPOCS

Now NEPOCS have expanded, and we would thus like to welcome our two new members of the network: David Nicolas Hopmann from University of Southern Denmark and Nicolas Hubé from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. We are delighted that these two scholars have joined NEPOCS and that we now include fifteen European countries, and look forward to our joint work ahead.

Special Issue of Journalism

Now our Special Issue for Journalism has been submitted and accepted. The theme of the special issue is Reviewing Key Concepts in Research on Political News Journalism: Conceptualizations, Operationalizations, and Propositions for Future Research. It is guest-edited by Frank Esser, Jesper Strömbäck and Claes de Vreese, and the purpose of this special issue is twofold.

The first purpose is to review research and offer an assessment of the state-of-affairs vis-à-vis key concepts in research on political news journalism. By doing this, we hope this special issue will provide the scholarly community with a point of reference related to each of the selected concepts, on which future research can build. If future research continues to be characterized by a lack of conceptual clarity and comparability across studies, research cumulativity will however continue to suffer. Hence, the second purpose is to suggest how each of the selected key concepts should be conceptualized and operationalized. By doing this, we hope to contribute to increasing standardization of how key concepts are conceptualized and, perhaps most important, operationalized and investigated empirically.

The key concepts that have been selected are interpretive journalism, partisan bias, media negativity, and depoliticization through a focus on soft news over hard news, framing of politics as a strategic game, and media personalization. Consequently, the Special Issue will, aside from the Introduction, include six articles, each focusing on one of these concepts:

– Negativity in Political News: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by Günther Lengauer, Frank Esser and Rosa Berganza

– The Personalization of Mediated Political Communication: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by Peter van Aelst, Tamir Sheafer and James Stanyer

– Hard and Soft News: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by Carsten Reinemann, James Stanyer, Sebastian Scherr and Guido Legnante

– Political Balance in the News: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by David Nicolas Hopmann, Peter van Aelst and Guido Legnante

– Interpretive Journalism: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by Susana Salgado and Jesper Strömbäck

– The Framing of Politics as Strategy and Game: A Review of Concepts, Operationalizations and Key Findings, by Toril Aalberg, Jesper Strömbäck and Claes de Vreese

The Special Issue will be in print in February, 2012.

Welcome to NEPOCS

Welcome to the website of NEPOCS – The Network for European Political Communication Scholars. This network was launched in December 2008 at an inaugural meeting in Zurich. The purpose of this NEPOCS is to encourage and facilitate research and teaching in comparative political communication, based on a social scientific approach to research and teaching.

The Network is directed by a steering committee consisting of the initiators Frank Esser, Jesper Strömbäck and Claes the Vreese, and consists of one member per country. Although the website is under construction, on this webpage you will find information about NEPOCS’ members, their publications, joint projects and activities, and other resources.