Welcome to the website of the Network of European Political Communication Scholars 

We are a group of 18 social scientists, all of whom share an interest in political communication research from a comparative international perspective. Each member is an expert on a particular European country, meaning there are currently 18 countries represented in the network. On this website, you can find out about our “mission” and how that shapes our work.

On the 10th anniversary of our foundation, we have taken the opportunity to look back on our successes to date. We have summarized this story in the “activities and achievements” section of this website. It explains a lot about our identity, commitment, motivation and our ambitions.

The 10th anniversary also marks the transition to a new phase – NEPOCS 2.0, so to speak – in which the focus is on new goals. This transition coincides with a phase of organic change in the composition of the group. We said goodbye to some deserving members and in return accepted some new ones. On this website, you will find both the list of “current members” and our “alumni section” with former members. NEPOCS is more than just a professional network; it is also a circle of reliable friends. We will stay friendly with our alumni as well.

In its new composition, NEPOCS is an exceptionally strong, internationally networked group characterized by its expertise and creativity in the field of comparative international political communication research. This became very clear at the first meeting of NEPOCS 2.0 in June 2018 in Zurich, where we started planning our next projects. On the one hand, we want to continue the extremely successful work of the first 10 years, and on the other hand, of course, we want to break new ground.

NEPOCS meetings are characterized by an unusual intensity and energy, which whet the appetite for the future. We recently had great meetings in Antwerp (2018), Trondheim (2019) and Poznan (2019), and we look forward to our next meetings in Bremen (2020) and London (2020).